Tuesday, October 12, 2010

what I learned today

A goal: do not be considered simple or naive! Can you imagine being described that way?

I am currently still 'writing out' the Proverbs day by day. On the right side of the open pages you write the passage on the left side you list whatever they are asking...the current assignment is to list every passage and the attributes of the 'simple' or 'naive' in the passage of Proverbs I am currently in...rough descriptions of these people. I do not want the passage to refer to me!

I remind myself - this is a choice! Obedience or trying life on my own.

The people described in this passage did NOT fear the Lord (big mistake), they were satisfied with their own choices, rejected counsel and were described as simple minded. Nasty!

This passage reminded me clearly to place my trust in Him alone, My earthly agenda though temporarily successful - will ultimately lead me to dread, calamity and anguish as described in this passage. It's amazing how you can sit on this side of faith in Christ and just watch as the world invests day after day in temporary, OH SO temporary things.

I praise Him for choosing me and then for giving us His Word - read by generation after generation and still immediately applicable to our lives today - so amazing!

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