Thursday, October 7, 2010

dreaming differently

"Dream as if you were not limited by money" was the charge we recently received as Director's facing the task of budgeting for 2011. Even the word budgeting suggests limitations. So how much dreaming should we do? Will it be discouraging if our dreams are not realized?

Actually, our dreams are seldom realized - but, that shouldn't stop us! If their were no dreamers nothing would ever change. The new would soon become old and 'good enough' would be our mantra.

Dreamers imagine what could be, what would be inspiring to others and often come closer to what we really need than the logical people that constantly aim them back toward reality.

So tonight I dreamed of what could be - after all our God is certainly capable of the unimaginable and I would guess enjoys the creativity and longing of the dreamers. the midst of dreaming I pray for His guidance and for only His will in all that might be in 2011!

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