Saturday, October 16, 2010

a few more

I have just a few hundred more coupons to file and then it's off into the day. awww....

This could easily become a part time job - NOT what I'm looking for!

As I looked at my piles of coupons preparing to take advantage of the remaining sales that will disappear at midnight tonight, I realize again that even this 'good' thing could easily become stressful instead of helpful.

Many things, good things, would love to eat up our days. Interesting how even a hobby requires evaluation if you are a child of God.

As soon as I get a moderate savings system figured out I will probably teach the couponing class at Crossroads this winter that girls are asking for...only if I can offer a system well organized and protective of their other more important responsibilities! Meanwhile - it will take a couple hours of my day to prepare well and know that I have exactly what I need to walk in - get great deals on things my family actually will use - and then on to the next good thing.

I woke up excited today to fellowship and worship at Crossroads tonight - first I will finish the day's responsibility to my family! Enjoy your day!

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