Friday, October 22, 2010

I love my mom

Today was my mom's birthday so we surprised her at a restaurant, at least I think we surprised dad tells sometimes! ha ha

I am so thankful for my mom. When I think back to childhood the words that come to mind are consistent, hard working, dependable, loving and most of all an authentic follower of Jesus Christ.

I never for one moment doubted that she had a personal relationship with Christ. Seriously - she wasn't perfect of course, but, never did her faith waiver, never did I think she was disingenuous or dishonest in her walk. She truly has always 'practiced what she preached' - and we all understood what it meant to know the Lord just by watching her live each day.

I have seen many parents struggle to pass their faith on to their kids. In most cases the parents know the right things to say, but don't live as if Christ affects their everyday decisions and choices. It's impossible in most cases to teach anything you don't demonstrate with your life.

This was not the case with my mom. She didn't constantly talk at us, she just walked in front of us...and we still follow.

Have a blessed birthday to my dear mom!! I love you!

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