Monday, October 11, 2010

my day off

Two weeks in a row it has finally felt like Monday was a day off - a welcomed rest.

As I was praying today I remember several friends and people that I know from past years that are really suffering. One will begin cancer treatment this week and another family and ministry is reeling from the loss of Pastor Todd Scoles, associate pastor at Marysville Grace Brethren Church. He was hit while riding his bike, so at just 48 years of age Todd has gone home to be with the Lord.

It is always so shocking when we lose young men unexpectedly! Please pray for Marysville and for Todd's family.

With this perspective in mind - I just couldn't treat my day carelessly. So I pray in God's eyes it was a day that counted - a day not used perfectly perhaps, still it was a day of rest and preparation for the rest of the week.

As I finish writing I pray to keep a 'life is short' focus - these are not days to be wasted and certainly not spent involved in any form of sin. Pure before Him - just like His magnificent creation...this is my prayer.


Wendell said...

How do we "make the most of every opportunity" [Eph 5:16] while coming to him as little children [Mark 10:14-15]?

Kids seem to find it easy to play!

Many of us need to play more!

Anonymous said...

Monday was my "day off" as well. I went to the Park of Roses (hadn't been there in years) to read and pray and think about my friend Todd Scoles. I knew Todd for 22 years on earth, but I will also see him for eternity once I join him at our true home. That sounds so cliche and trite, and yet it is rock-solid Truth if you know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Yes, life is short, but I fear that tomorrow I will wake up and forget.

Jim Spelman
Delaware, OH