Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a dark parking lot

I stood outside of Crossroads last night with the door propped open listening to our team practice for the Night of Worship on November 3rd. I was working on a Christmas prop.

I was attempting to spray paint a skinny branch from a tree. The weather man is predicting 50 mile an hour wind today and it was beginning to pick up last night.

As I tried over and over again to spray paint the tiny little fingers of this branch in the dim light of our parking lot pole lights, I watched tons of over spray drift off into the night. Wasted paint and little to show for my efforts!

It reminded me for some reason (maybe the Lord speaking to me), about how many wasted words and wasted time come out of me daily - blowing away in the wind.

How God tolerates such waste is beyond me - but, I am oh so thankful that His mercy is new each day.

My hearts desire is that my words and my work be Kingdom words and work, or nurturing words. Kingdom work does not only pertain to those in ministry of course, each of you, wherever God has placed you have Kingdom work to accomplish today...join me please.

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