Tuesday, September 28, 2010

what I learned today

I am working on a project today - just taking a look at my whole department at Crossroads.

In thinking about the goals for our department I must look first at myself!

I think perhaps the wisest man that ever lived was the guy that first said "when one finger is pointing at someone else, the rest are pointing back at you..." or something like that.

How wise is that? When I look for weaknesses I must examine myself very carefully first. And, I usually find more than my share of the problem for sure!

One of my department's greatest weaknesses is getting caught up in the urgent. There is always a last minute change, a technical crash of some piece of equipment or mistake of some kind up there for all the world to see! Our mistakes are less secret then most. That could be a blessing I suppose - forcing us to deal with things more quickly that other behind the scene departments. But there are days when all I wish is that we could have just one perfect weekend!

Today I identified a few things that can be changed and I am willing to keep examining in an effort to be our best for the Lord. Apart from work - do all of you take inventory of your lives very often? If you are having trouble seeing your weaknesses - just ask a friend or a spouse or a boss - believe me, they can tell you!

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