Monday, September 6, 2010

my day off

I was reading a leadership book today that discusses internships and how we can invest in those younger than ourselves. The book talks about being willing to teach but then to step back and let people attack the assignment in their own style. Many good things that I am anxious to learn and apply. It talks at length obviously about those older building into those who are younger. Speaking things into their lives like, " I am committed to your success."

Then it dawned on me - I never had this.

I am blessed beyond words by a family that adores the Lord and me! They modeled what a Godly marriage should look like, how to raise kids well, how to cook, clean and care for a household.

But, beyond my family - no one older than me ever invested in me one on one.

Instead...I have learned more from those younger than myself. I just never thought about it before.

Despite my own lack of being mentored, I am firmly committed to those younger than myself. I want them to love the local church and understand clearly that this 'organization' is the place that God himself chose for us to do life within. Leadership looks different in each season of our lives. I encourage each of you reading this to look for opportunity to mentor the next generation.

I have asked you this before - who are you mentoring?

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