Friday, September 3, 2010

tired yet inspired

I worked too much this week...I'm still working actually...I cannot stop working...I need to.

I am so tired that I feel all used up.

Cure - a little time to think a little time to catch up on all the writing I owe everyone a little time to dream a lot of time to pray and all of this must occur outside on my deck. My #1 favorite selfish place. My space!

After being inside 4 walls more than usual this week I cannot believe how destroyed I feel. Not in the sense that I was in anyway mistreated or anything - it was just one of those weeks where there was definitely no personal time. When I have no dream time I watch my creativity go away, my tolerance go away and my joy go away.

Now as I sit resting - thinking - praying I literally feel Him seeping slowly back in. Inspiration filling the momentarily empty spots. And the Lord assuring me that this is the place He has called me to remain.

I cannot survive very long without my personal time with Him. Without it, it quickly becomes nothing more than work and 'it's all about me "...again.

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