Sunday, September 19, 2010

face of pain

We were hosting a simulcast of the Beth Moore event yesterday at Crossroads. I have learned a great deal from Beth Moore's writings, but I have to be honest...I am not a big 'woman's event' person.

I was glad as a leader to dedicate time to create an atmosphere that provides what other women longed to hear. PLEASE do not misunderstand me, I did not say that I didn't NEED to hear what was being taught, however this is not the environment in which I learn best.

Later in the afternoon I found out why I was really involved. It is because of the conversations with women who sought me out yesterday that God had me there.

The last woman that walked up to me said, "I wanted to tell you I will never forget that you and Ron came to the hospital and looked directly into my face of pain...I wanted to thank you..."

I do not easily look into someone's pain. But I have learned if you see their pain you really see them - they let you in, in a way that you will never see them otherwise. It is a vulnerable time, a time of need and a time of honesty.

I am still surprised each time God gives me this kind of opportunity to really see...

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