Wednesday, September 8, 2010

33 years ago

An amazing thing happened 33 years ago today - Ron Biddle married me!

I know what you're thinking...if that's the case then why am I on my computer? Because he is at an Elder's meeting for a little while.

So I was thinking. I can be sad that we are not out on the town, or I can be thankful for where he is.

I choose the latter.

My husband could be a million different places right now, out with the boys, at a bar, even being unfaithful - but, he is at an Elders meeting. How can I possibly feel unhappy about that?

Today I am more thankful for Ron than I have ever been. I am thankful that it is no transition from having kids to an empty nest because we are close and have always maintained our own 'couple life'. I am thankful that I can trust my husband. I am thankful that we can work together and not have problems because of being together all the time. I am thankful that I don't have to make excuses for his behavior or try to cover up what he is really like. I am thankful that he is so full of mercy for others. And I am thankful that despite 33 years of ridiculous mistakes and annoying moments, he still loves me.

33 years ago I married the man that I love. Today I love him more.

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Steve Browning said...

Congratulations on such a long and successful relationship. We can all learn a lot from you and Ron...on marriage and how to have a great attitude!