Tuesday, June 29, 2010

what I learned today

I had 3 unplanned conversations today with people in ministry.

  1. My first conversation was with the wife of a full-time pastor (not in our ministry). As we talked about our kids and all the things filling our lives, she talked about being concerned that one of her kids thought God may be calling them into full time ministry. They just wanted their kids to be able to avoid difficult things. Understandable.

2. I then talked to another person also in full time ministry who was struggling with their own
calling.Just kind of feeling ineffective and needing some encouragement.

3. Finally I received a call from yet another full time ministry friend (out of town) asking for
prayer as they prepared to have a sit down meeting with their pastor to
discuss their future at the ministry.

I know everyone has difficulties with their jobs. But, what makes the ministry so difficult, so hurtful and in many cases such a short tenure?

It is a place that we assume will be safe, fair and Godly at all times. The element we often forget is that churches are filled with imperfect people - this of course includes the staff! So, why are we surprised when things occasionally turn ugly? We should instead expect it I guess.
Jesus was surrounded by imperfect people that He chose to use, and they disappointing him constantly!

All my conversations today gave me something to think about.

I learned today that if I watch for opportunities, the Lord will surround me with chances to be an encouragement to others!

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