Thursday, June 3, 2010

privilege with responsibility

Most privileges come with responsibility. Can you think of any that don't?

We studied this recently in the "Lessons on Christian Living" booklet. I found it very, very interesting to think about. We studied from the perspective of Christian maturity. It takes an obedient life to grow as a believer.

But even outside of that - from a worldly point of view I cannot think of any kind of privilege that doesn't require responsibility. Wealthy people should live very generous lives - providing for those less fortunate. Highly educated people should teach those less educated. People in powerful positions of authority should govern honestly and fairly. The list is endless.

It seems in many cases that privilege instead brings the very worst out in some people. An attitude of entitlement and selfishness. Or the desire for more privilege.

Although my life may not look like a life of privilege based on what I own or my bank accounts, I count myself among the most fortunate on earth. My privilege comes from the Lord in blessings of family, dear friends and co-workers and the local church. The nice thing about this kind of privilege is there is no way I can ever act as if I deserve it, or earned it. It was given to me and I recognize the value far exceeds anything measurable on this temporary earth. If you abide in the Lord - I am sure you can express the same kind of thankful joy!

Mine is not a perfect life with everything going well all the time - but it is a life of privilege.

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