Saturday, June 12, 2010

identity comes from association

Our personal identity is something deep within each of us. It is what we think of our self, who we think we are and only we know all the things that have formed our identity.

But, what is your public identity? Who do the people around you think that you are?

I saw this statement when I was reading today and it made me consider my own identity.

Identity comes from association.

This would seem to support well my parents continuous protective obsession over who I was friends with growing up.

I am wondering this morning, were they more right than they knew? I think so.

All that some people ever get to know about us is who they see us associate with. So it goes to reason that in their minds they would be justified to assume my identity is similar to the company I keep.

This is not to say that we should avoid helping those in trouble, those who are fallen and helpless. Jesus obviously spent extensive time ministering and going in among the sinners and those in desperate need of the everlasting message He offered.

But, He also surrounded himself with the 12. These were his associates. They were not perfect, there were varied in talent and trade, but they were His closest friends. The people He poured His daily life into.

When people look at me I wonder what they think my identity is. Interesting.

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