Wednesday, June 30, 2010

happy at work

I was looking forward to getting into work today. I know there are some of you who may not feel the same way. You probably think working at the church makes it easy to be happy, at least in comparison to your job.

But, consider this. Unless you are living in disobedience to the Lord, you are right where He wants you to be. You are right where He needs you to be. And you are where others need you to be.

I encourage you to go to work today anticipating God meeting you there.

There is nothing magical about a church building, like I work in. It's the Holy Spirit and the people that gather that make it a kingdom building tool and a place of learning and fellowship. Today without the congregation here, it is where I work. I feel privileged to have a job, and to have a position that is not just a job. You can feel the same way if you are willing to treat your job as if you believe that God has placed you there! Try it! May God bless your day!

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