Thursday, June 3, 2010

building the kingdom

There was a period of time, not too long ago (as I began to feel old with the pace of ministry), when I was worried about who would carry on at Crossroads. Those worries are fading more and more daily.

The leadership at Crossroads is working diligently to build into the lives of the youth and young adults of our ministry. This focus is already paying huge dividends as young people understand that this is their ministry as well as those of us who are getting up there!

Emily is one of our outstanding youth - talented in many ways. Her monologue at our Communion service was outstanding, and I am so thankful for the amazing talent of many of our young volunteers!

We had a difficult audio beginning to her monologue- so bear with it - it clears up momentarily. I wanted to share this to encourage each of you to build into the next generation and let them know how much we need them to help build God's kingdom!

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