Wednesday, June 16, 2010

struggling friends

Tonight I got to renew an old friendship. I got to talk to a young lady that I used to be very close to.

She was at our ministry as a younger girl then went her separate way. She talked openly about the mistakes she had made, the time she had wasted and how desperate she got when she hit rock bottom.

But now she is back. God protected her from abusive guys and even from herself.

She is back and she is whole in the Lord. And, I am so thankful that the Lord drew her back home to us!

While I got to catch up with her, my husband went with a couple other Godly men to try to intervene on behalf of a friend who is facing certain divorce if things do not change quickly. They hope to help convince him not to give up on his marriage and to make some changes in his life.

We all have struggling friends. Tonight we got to be part of people's lives that matter to God.

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