Tuesday, April 6, 2010

what I learned today

The enemy hates scripture read live. When a ministry completely immerses itself in the Word and nothing but God's Word..this gets non-believers very bothered.

As most of you know the congregation from Crossroads is reading scripture, the entire Bible straight through. Satan and all of his followers hate this! You can watch the reading here.

We had to take down our live chat because of all the profanity and hassle that one or two people were writing on our live chat page.

I am so sad for those people. They must be so lonely and so desperate to silence the gospel. It will never happen.

People have died for their belief in God for centuries. Believers have been taunted, tortured and terrified by those who stand against the Lord. Despite this we stand strong and sure in our salvation and the enemy will never win against us. Never!

Today I learned just how much it bothers some people to hear God's Word read, they simply cannot tolerate when truth is proclaimed!

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