Monday, April 5, 2010

my day off

Many of the Crossroads congregation have been reading God's Word aloud since 2:00 p.m. on Easter.

It is very moving to sit and listen, to sit and pray or to sit and watch far enough back that you cannot really hear what is being said, but you still care deeply about each word. And the silence of the auditorium swallows your thoughts and needs and allows you to feel the presence of God and wonder how many lives have been changed for eternity in the chair in which you sit.

I fall more and more deeply in love with Him as I remember story after story that I haven't thought about for a long some cases years. As I passed the Easter painting of the Samaritan Woman, I thought about the fact that everyone of these Biblical characters were regular people just like us. People in need of a savior, people who felt like outcasts sure they had sinned way too badly to ever be forgiven, or even accepted by peers and family.

People came and read out of reverence for the Lord even though some of them told me they were terrified to read in front of others. This was not about us, this was time to focus on Him. I love my Lord and I love my community at extended family.

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