Thursday, April 15, 2010

the uprising

What if the church really become all that God intended for it to be? What if all of us spent our days aware that every second of every day 1.8 people take their last breath - and after that last earthly breath - some go to spend eternity with the Lord but many go into a God-less eternity of endless separation? If we cared, really cared about the lost around us - wouldn't we share the message they so desperately need - could we treat each encounter as if it was their last chance to hear about Jesus love for them? When was the last time you cried for the lost?

It was no mistake that I won 2 free tickets to the uprising conference, and as my sister and I headed to Lexington Kentucky, God knew I personally needed it. I needed to be reminded what my personal responsibilities are with my one and only life. I must not only remain true to my calling within the ministry, but take it to the streets so to the place I live.

Although the primary purpose of this conference was to inspire pastors and key leaders to rise up and refuse to feed into the 'consumer' mindset of the average Christian Church today, it was personal for me. Funny how you can get so busy working at the church, that you forget to personally 'be the church' to those you come in contact with.

These past two days I was a consumer, I didn't have responsibilities I could just take it in, I could just worship without responsibility, without the need to evaluate and tweak. It has been a very long time since I have done anything like this.

So good to be in the house of the Lord!

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