Monday, April 5, 2010

weekend report

We added an extra service for the weekend and we were thrilled to see each service filled nearly to capacity! Very exciting - many new faces!

We had live painters in our entrance area "Town Square" painting the woman at the well (original sketch was also used at the pastor's background slides, as well as a painter on stage painting the face of Jesus, an actor, great teaching and beautiful music!

Please take the time to enjoy the service at (we are also beginning to stream our services live).

It takes a huge group of amazing volunteers to pull a weekend like this off - and I especially wanted to recognize our security team and cafe volunteers! They both bring important aspects to our ministry!

Our setlist:

Instrumental: Carol Ann - Smith
Instrumental during a Sermon Spice video called: Elements of Easter
Worship: At the Cross - Hillsong (shortened)
Worship: Revelation Song - Gateway
Praise: For All You've Done
Message: Amazing Jesus Pt. 1- The Woman at the Well - Pastor Tim Armstrong
Monologue: Actress - Angel Dickerson
Painting Drama: Painter - Shawn Smith Music: Requiem for a Dream
Special Music: Blessed Redeemer - Casting Crowns (Singer: Jocelyn Biddle)
Worship: Lead Me To The Cross - Hillsong
Praise: Jesus Paid It All - Stanfill (shortened)

To watch what other ministries used in their Easter Services go to

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