Thursday, June 29, 2017

weekend report

It's been such a busy week I'm just now posting about last weekend!

It was the 2nd weekend of our Origins Series with Pastor Dave!  So good!

Our congregation worshipped strongly!

Eric performed "Word of God Speak"

We love it when Nick visits with his cello
Terry and Nick were a great addition to the team
Scott's famous bass runs were awesome!
It was great to worship at Crossroads!
Our setlist:

Call Upon the Lord
This is Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace/My Chains are Gone
No Longer Slaves
Special: Word of God Speak
Bumper Video:  Jacob Vance
Message:  Origins Pt. 2 - Pastor Dave Vance
Exit Song: Word of God Speak

 To worship with us on-line go to

See you at Crossroads this weekend!

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