Thursday, June 15, 2017

judging others vs grace

I'm currently reading Max Lucado's In The Grip of Grace, and it's fascinating how difficult we try to make the grace God extends to us.  It's so simple...

We can't possibly achieve the level required to be perfect enough to make it to heaven on our own.  But instead of just believing His message, instead of admitting our sin, we choose to try over and over again to make ourselves feel better by judging others.

The old illustration that I've heard over and over is this - if all we had to do was physically reach heaven by jumping NO ONE would get there.  One person may be able to jump 6 inches and one person 2 feet, but there is no difference in where we finally land!   Not high enough.

The point is, in your eyes you may choose to compare to make yourself feel "I'm not as bad as a murderer", but it's still not good enough - nothing is!

I spent time asking the Lord to search my heart this morning as I spent some extra time resting, and to reveal to me my judgements toward's hard to admit you're just as bad in the eyes of a perfect God!

In Romans 2:1 it says:  God judges those who do wrong things, and we know that his judging is right".

The hardest thing for me to admit however, is that in most cases judging others can be to feel better about myself....hard to swallow.

The time that's wasted in judging others instead of worshipping the Lord is something worth confessing and 're-aiming' ourselves...again.

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Unknown said...

Lori, I really like Max Lucado's teaching. Thanks for sharing a
good message