Sunday, July 2, 2017

weekend report

Some weekends are just more personal ministry while others are more corporate in nature.  Boy was this one super personal.  Each person I talked to really needed to talk, each discussion was all about encouraging one another and catching up on what is happening in their lives.

Our ministry was filled with so many hurting people this weekend.   Maybe the level of hurt is always there and some weekend's I'm just moving too fast to notice, but I noticed this weekend.

I spoke to siblings who were motherless and trying to manage,  several ladies who are widows and I know I could see loneliness in their eyes - I thanked God right there for my hubby.  I talked to two people facing serious surgeries this week and next and saw another single mom who is trying to survive financially.

It made me realize anew why the church exists, to be the hands of Jesus, to give the only hope that exists in the entire world and to connect us to one another as we all walk through different struggles - through life.

I loved the teaching Pastor Dave taught this weekend, I could have listened forever.  The glaring evidence that God's Word is flawless, that no one can dispute the historic documents, archeology and eye witness accounts that will stand the test of time - just gives so much confidence that we must stand strong - we must lead others toward the only truth that exists for whatever time we have.  We must be the church!

I walked all around the church today giving the Lord praise for all I blessed!

Our Praise Team lead us to the throne!

Pastor Dave teaching on God's Word!

The Valet Parking buggy - ready and waiting!

We have solutions when the kiddos get rowdy!

The 4th and 5th grade room enjoyed popcorn while they learned important truths!

The Student Ministry worship team was so engaging when I stopped by!

Our Setlist:

Announcements on video:  Pastor Dave encouraged everyone to hurry and get their tickets for the Global Leadership Summit before the price increase July 11th and then gave us an update about our new City Center and the progress of our 20/20 campaign!

Glorious Day
This I Believe
What A Beautiful Name
Your Love Awakens Me

Bumper Video
Message:  Origins Pt. 3 - Pastor Dave Vance

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