Friday, June 23, 2017

a night worth remembering

After all the preparation, memorization, praying, planning and carrying - Tuesday night came.  The night we invited the community, our community to join us for worship.  And worship they did.

The Lord was present in our worship and I pray He was honored.  Here are some of the sights and sounds from our Night of Worship!

everyone worked really hard to get it just right - 4 churches
represented just in this song!

Fellowship is an important part of this whole event - plus we were waiting
for sound!

The theatre is still breathtaking!  A great icon of our community!

So so good to be lead by multiple gifted leaders!

Praise team members from various churches made up our little choir - beautiful!

I have to comment on our fearless musical director, Dan Fleming
on the left.  He has lead every special musical service at
Crossroads for the past 20 years!  So thankful!

The Dotson brothers completed the band.

Everyone so ready to worship the King!

Brittany got us off to an amazing - exciting start!

Pastor Dave's vision to have it at the Ren was definitely
the right decision!

The local pastors were welcomed to the stage for prayer!

There is hardly anything I love doing more than
encouraging young artists and musicians!  Nick
lead us in worship as he created a beautiful mosaic
supporting our theme of "One Church...One Mission"!

On a personal note, I was honored and so thankful
that my mom was able to attend!

Rachel Justice created a beautiful painting which beautifully depicted
our theme for the night "One Church...One Mission"

Some of our male worship leaders pictured here - so much gifted talent in the area - we are blessed!

To help create the Night of Worship the past several years is a responsibility I don't take lightly, but the opportunity to take ideas and lay them at Jesus' feet asking for His guidance and will to be done, is what I love to be part of, and this year was no different.

As the worshippers came and the voices began to fill the room I was nearly overwhelmed knowing God was clearly in this place! He blessed the night - He completed our efforts.

None of us can ever thank you enough for coming, but I'll just say it again, thank you all!  You helped make it a night to remember!

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