Sunday, June 11, 2017

weekend report

Once in a while you meet people that you instantly feel connected to and wish you had more time with...such was the case this weekend with Three-star General Loren Reno and his wife Karen.

We hosted General Reno for a weekend that featured the topic of leadership because it's something Crossroads' knows is crucial for a healthy, Godly, maturing ministry.  I can't imagine a position that requires more leadership training and commitment then that of our military leaders.

As I watched the reaction of our congregation to General Reno, I could tell by their body language that they wanted to hear about his experiences, they hung on every word.  I could only imagine the things that he's seen and experienced in his position, things that had to be both devastating at times as well as rewarding victories and accomplishments.  Things that take the kind of confidence and decision making that I have only dreamed of.  But that's not what I found to be the most fascinating about him.

It was his complete dedication to his Lord.  He had an understanding of this personal relationship with his Savior that made you want to know Jesus more.

And his love was also openly shared for his wife Karen of 41 years who he obviously was in love with and cared for deeply.  Their adoration and respect for one another was obvious as I talked with them.  This was very encouraging with so many marriages around us in disarray.

What had been intended to be a weekend focused on learning more about leadership and asking our congregation to attend the Global Leadership Summit in August, turned into a personal encouragement and a deep hope that our paths will cross again.

I'm grateful for the weekend on a personal level, deeply grateful!

I am very sorry if you missed this weekend at Crossroads, but here are a few pictures!

Terry opened the service with a beautiful rendition of Hallelujah
Everyone was thankful for the opportunity to
purchase General Reno's book!

He took the time to hear each person's story as he signed their book, and the line was long!

Our Setlist:

Announcements:  Thanks Linnell Allred!

Jesus I Come
The Lord Reigns
King of My Heart

Video Intro by Pastor Dave
Message:  Abram the Warrior, Giver, Servant - Lt General Loren Reno
Exit Video by Pastor Dave

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