Thursday, March 24, 2016

rehearsing to worship well

I think this is the 19th Easter I've had the privilege to be part of at Crossroads, and it's the first one my dad will miss.

It's always so humbling when you watch many hands touch a concept and bring to life what once was just in a folder in a your drawer, this concept became filled with Holy Spirit filled life.

As I'm critiquing and watching every move of our Easter rehearsal, listening to every note - I worship, almost so overcome I cannot watch.  Forever He is Glorified...forever He is lifted dad's singing too - I know it.

We try to worship as we should and then every once in while when we prepare well, we stand before him forgiven, then we catch a glimpse for just a moment of what it may be some day in heaven.

While we remain for a while with hurt, and sin in a scared world - dad worships His Savior face to face.  And as we try to understand what worship really is - there is no effort in my dad's worship, he cannot resist it - nothing else enters his mind but continuous worship of the only Savior of our world!

Until then, I'm just asking you all not to miss the opportunity to worship this weekend - don't forsake the gathering together of saints as we celebrate the amazing undeserved love of our Savior!

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