Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Rally days

Everyone said there would be rally days and brother there was!

We wish we had a word counter and recording of all the things that came out of his mouth yesterday

I describe his story-telling as an auctioneer comedian combination.

He talks continuously about listening to the Ashland University girls tournament game tonight - wishing I could some how get him there- he never misses a game.

Today he goes home - unbelievable from 2 nights ago when we were positive Jesus was calling him home.

Prayers work - although God already knows the number of his days.

They say he will get weaker and weaker ...we're praying he just sleeps away to Jesus, and has no pain.

Please know we FEEL your prayers and care and we love you all more than we can possibly describe.

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Unknown said...

Prayers for your dad and your family. Letting go is so hard but I am glad he will one day be celebrating with Jesus!