Monday, March 7, 2016

my day off

These have been a remarkable few days.

From the certainty of my dad's passing, even medical professionals certain of it - to a family birthday party just a week later with dad comfortable in his own home....what a week it has been!

Dad is still very fragile - and exhausted easily - but very comfortable and for that I am more thankful then I can possibly say!  And because he's doing better right now, we headed over tonight.

We celebrated our daughter Jocelyn's birthday.

Every time another year passes I love her more.  I am SO thankful for the ability to live close by and to have such a close relationship with her.  She inspires me each time we talk and challenges me to be better and to consider new things.

She wanted to be with her grandpa tonight for her birthday, and I am praising the Lord for that opportunity!  She loves him.

It's been a roller coaster ride the past week and a half - but it was a special birthday evening for her.  An evening none of us took for granted - an evening although extremely simple - we won't soon forget!

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