Sunday, August 30, 2015

weekend report

It's hard to believe that another weekend is over - time is flying!

Pastor Dave did a great job communicating God's love while addressing sin in our lives.  So thankful for truth!

Our worship was engaging with a super informative time of Q & A at the end with our Senior High Pastor and Senior Pastor Dave Vance and a time of prayer where many felt lead to share very difficult things they are going through.  How privileged I felt to have someone that doesn't even know me share what they needed our help with and how much they valued our prayers.  Humbling to say the least that God could use me!

There is growth going on at Crossroads - I'm not just talking about numbers, I'm talking about
a movement among our next generations - preparing, growing in the Lord, good!

Here are pics from the ministry this weekend:

Jeanette Chase, I don't know how she does it!  She's our
Director of all the Family Ministries - does amazing work!
She graciously took care of announcements this weekend.
Sarah was one of our summer Worship interns and came
back to help us out this weekend!
Miguel is our other intern - he and Sarah are husband and wife
and completing school - I HIGHLY encourage husband/wife
interns - the best!
worship was strong and the congregation joined in like crazy!
student ministry vocalists are getting ready for next weekend!

Student Ministry band was busy preparing too!

And here are our elementary students preparing for worship leading!
Our setlist:
Since it was a 5th weekend our regular 4 worship teams take a break and we usually use the students, but we thought we'd save them for next week.  So our 3 staff worship leaders and our two summer worship interns lead with our band

Multiplied - our summer worship Cedarville intern Miguel lead this song beautifully!
Announcements:  Jeanette Chase, Director of Family Ministry
My Heart is Yours
From the Inside Out

Message:  Pt. 7 The Design Confusion; Homosexuality - Pastor Dave Vance
Q & A - this segment was a Q & A about the most asked questions regarding this topic and our Pastor invited our High School Pastor to join him on stage.

Come As You Are - Closing song while people came forward for prayer
Dismissed with Prayer - Pastor Dave

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Unknown said...

As always, it was an awesome service. Pastor Dave is truly a gift from God!

Unknown said...

It was an awesome service as always. Pastor Dave is truly a gift from God!