Saturday, August 29, 2015

my words

The Lord has been bringing to mind lately, that ALL of the words that come out of my mouth should point those hearing them toward Him.  No idle words.

Convicting to say the least.

According to everything I see playing out around me, it could be very possible that there may be a limited amount of time left during which we can freely speak and write freely.  So I'm feeling prompted each time I open my mouth that it needs to count.  No idle words.

It's made me think about everywhere I've placed or spoken my words.

  • I've written texts - some of which are pretty sarcastic at times.
  • I've written blogs - although I'm usually pretty careful with my posts, my goal isn't to criticize it's to journal my own life instead of writing it long-hand.
  • I've spoken openly in front of people, and teams and family.  
  • AND I've spoken behind closed doors - nothing evil but nothing I would speak directly to the subject of my closed-door conversations.
My suspicion is that anything that can't be spoken to someone's face should not be spoken.  

Every minute of our lives, every second that He's given us has to be about living, talking and acting like a child of God.  A life lived well, words chosen carefully and every participation in something needs to be measured against the guidelines He laid out to us in His Word.

This side of heaven we will never be perfect, but, I long to please Him - to hear "Well done thou Good and Faithful Servant..."

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