Monday, August 17, 2015

weekend report

It's only fitting that I find myself sitting in the hospital waiting room at 3:00 a.m., waiting to meet my first granddaughter!  It's just the most magnificent ending to a truly God-filled amazing weekend!

We were not certain Pastor Dave would make it due to being ill this past week - but he did and his message about what husbands should be to their wives was so good!   This summer has been so strong at Crossroads, I'm beginning to wonder (and hope), that we'll be packed to capacity this Fall?!  The youth was close to their limits based on 'fire codes'!  How exciting!

We topped the weekend off with a beautiful demonstration of how God is moving in people's lives at Crossroads by baptizing eighty-something people at our annual outdoor baptism!

It's just been amazing!

I love it when the brass play - so powerful and fun!
Milo and Jim carrying on!

The Tech department hard at work!

Aaron getting the mix just right!

Jesse and Dylan - I love our students!

Linda and Claire just saying hi!

Eric and Jesse baptizing!

Oliver happy as can be with the pizza snack at the pond!
Anxiously awaiting their baptism!

Praise team leading us in worship!
Our Setlist:

Blessed Be Your Name - instrumental
Victory In Jesus - Special Music
Confirmation of new Elders
Made New
My Heart is Yours
Courageous - special music
By Design Video transition
Message: Pt. 4 - Leaders By Design - husbands/ Pastor Dave Vance
Exit Special: Courageous

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