Monday, August 24, 2015

weekend report

You would think after being part of something for 18 years, it would start to feel old, or normal - but being part of the Crossroads staff feels brand new every day!  This weekend was a prime example - before I give you a lot of detail take a look visually at 'some' of what went on!

Friday night Shelby Family Swim Night - kids helping
to prepare for the guests!
amazing choir

Our High School being taught the same thing as the main room
helping them to learn how to prepare for marriage - so good!

Jesse teaching the Middle School students

Sunday night concert - Trouper up first!
Milo & Mike Knell's Simple Fire truck - serving great pizza
at our Sunday night concerts!
 There's never a dull moment!  We all enjoyed a Family Swim Night on Friday night and it continued straight through into the wee hours of Monday morning following our Young Adult Sponsored concerts!

Our Setlist:

Announcements/welcome:  Jocelyn Nicolas - Student Ministry Coordinator/Asst. Worship Leader

Set A Fire
Broken Vessel (Amazing Grace)
God Be Praised
The Lord Reigns

Message:  Pt. 5: Submission By Design - Pastor Dave Vance

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