Tuesday, August 11, 2015

my day off

I have an opportunity this morning to serve a new group of people who will be meeting at Crossroads, and I couldn't be more excited!

Pastor Dave is an encourager of identifying passion areas within our jobs, so I've been thinking about the things that I love doing, and serving guests at Crossroads, communicating the message of Jesus thematically through the inclusion of creative pieces within a service or event, and producing events are definitely my favorites. During the Leadership Summit I saw a post that said "18 Friday's until Christmas", so as soon as the details of the Summit ended I was looking through my Christmas notes again.

I have two primary areas of focus and development right now, our next teaching series and Christmas - so here we go!

I get asked occasionally what my job entails, so I thought I'd list some of what's involved.  I'm considering offering a CLASS in the Winter that would allow a few people to create a service or event, and the opportunity to hangout behind the scenes one weekend.  We'll see!

When we create a new series these items are involved:
  • Pastor decides on title and content of the teachings
  • We brainstorm about a fitting 'visual'
  • A video promo is usually shot or created to use for advertising within the services as well as on Social Media
  • Our graphic designer begins to develop the ideas for print:  this visual will be used on the Pastor's Notes; Background on the stage; advertising; archives for messages; website
  • Worship team works on thematic song selection for all the services falling within this series
  • I write scripts for all of the announcement segments
  • We shoot any videos that need to be used as transitions or featured pieces
  • Meticulously go over every element in each service in our programming meetings to make sure they all connect and support the topic and that nothing distracts from the teaching.
  • The organization of any additional artists or set design work
I could continue, but you get the idea.  I'm blessed beyond anyone I know, I love what I do and as I'm enjoying my day off, I have just been praising the Lord from whom all blessings flow!  

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