Thursday, January 2, 2014

should I ask

I really struggle with asking.

Especially when it comes to asking God.

He tells me to ask and still I resist. 

Here 's my struggle.  When I see the devastation of others, how little they have, how sick they are, how lonely they are...I feel I have no need.  I struggle with whether I'm just being spoiled or greedy if I ask for things and solutions.

Don't misunderstand - I have no problem praying for others.  When they ask me I pray.  I only struggle with my own requests.

But lately I've decided to pray much more specifically, even explaining to Him that I understand it may not be His will.

He's shown me in a couple of instances recently that He's just been waiting for me to ask.

And so my plan is to pour out my heart to Him this year and live in sweet communion with my Savior God as I never have before.   Instead of Him simply knowing what's in my heart and mind - my lips will tell Him.

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