Saturday, January 11, 2014

Worth writing about

As my day draws to an end, I ask myself if there was anything within my day worth writing about?

The definition of worth is "the quality that renders something desirable, useful or valuable"

Desirable?  Yes, many aspects of my day at least I considered desirable!
I held my grandson
I talked to my daughter via FaceTime 
I watched my son sitting with high school students in the Crossroads service

Valuable? Yes, I learned truths from the first few verses of John taught expositorily by Pastor Tim!

Useful? Yes, I had the privilege of introducing a new worship intern to everyone tonight and began using her to help prepare the services! 

Was my day worth writing about? Yes, because by putting it in words I  praise Him for giving me all these things, it was another day with loved ones and small things accomplished and time to appreciate all that I had in my day!

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