Saturday, January 25, 2014

good and bad

As I looked out my window this morning, so happy to be inside with a warm fire burning and coffee in my mug - I realized that most things could be both bad and good.

This breathtakingly beautiful snow can be good in the sense of yet another demonstration of God's nature performing as He designed.  To give rest to the animals that sleep, the plants that go dormant and even allowing the lawn mowers to be put away for a time.

It provides hours of play for children sledding down the hills and building forts and snowmen while at the very same time being a bad thing as well.

The cold has caused everyone more financial cost than normal to heat their homes and to clear the roads.  The schools have been closed more meaning the students will probably lose some vacation in the warm weather.

Good and bad.

That applies to almost everything I can think of.


I choose to enjoy the snow today to see the 'good'  - it makes me slow down and stay home and focus on Him.  I could never live where seasons never change - I would find it boring - so I'm very thankful He gifted us today with a bounty of snowfall! 

I will try to remember the 'good' in the snow as I try to make my way to church later today...enjoy the beauty of this day everyone!

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