Monday, December 30, 2013

my dad's bedroom

Today I had the privilege of serving my parents by cleaning their house.

Mom's recovery is going excellent - but, she's still supposed to not lift or bend down as much as possible.  So, in order for them to host all of us on New Year's I went to clean for them.

I recently showed pictures on facebook of one of their Bible's and how worn out it was - but this time I found something on dad's night stand that represents his lifetime priorities more than nearly anything else.

Remember these (for those of you who grew up in the church)?  His offering envelopes.

Dad's Bible and Offering Envelopes
I NEVER heard he or mom complain about giving to the church growing up.  Even on the weeks that I heard them quietly discussing which bill to pay and which to make a partial payment on.  It was always given cheerfully, it was always a commitment and it was always top priority.

Now that our son and daughter-in-law have a baby, I have heard them voice their concern about teaching their son how to be obedient and grow up well.

Thinking about the most important things to consider in raising a child in the way they should go, number 1 is of course to model what you believe and introduce them to Christ.  No empty words spoken by parents that don't live what they teach will ever influence a child, except perhaps to confuse them and frustrate them ultimately leading to a life of disobedience and heartache.

And perhaps no area of obedience is more important than to demonstrate to them how to honor God with their finances and priorities.

My parents never had a college education, never had jobs considered by people to be extraordinary, but all their work, and their giving and their investments are eternal investments - their reward awaits them in heaven!  And their legacy will far outlive them!

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