Friday, January 17, 2014

worship = thankfulness

Worship can manifest itself in many different ways.

When we lift our voices in praise to the Lord we worship.
When we study scripture and apply it to our lives in obedience to Him we worship.
When we serve one another we live a life of worship.

But I had never really thought about my thankfulness in response to His provision as worship.

As He provides all the ridiculously generous things I have I worship Him with thankfulness.

Can you imagine creating the entire universe and the very creatures you created assume their provisions are of their own doing and offer no thank-yous?

How sad He must be with me as I enjoy all that He's given me and He watches me lay my head down without even a word of thankfulness some days.  If a day goes by where no thankfulness is offered in worship to Him - I wonder whether that day has worth at all?

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