Monday, January 15, 2018

weekend report

Amidst frigid temperatures we gathered as the Church.

It was a beautiful weekend of communion, fellowship, worship and learning more about God's creation of His church and His intention for how we should do life together.

I always think of those I only see once a month or maybe every-other weekend at Crossroads and feel sad that they may never know how God's personal design of the church really works.

God's church is the place where the gifts and talents that the Father gave every single one of us were given to be used.  It's the place where lifting our voices together in worship is the closest thing we'll experience here on earth - just a glimpse, just a taste of what eternally worshipping God face to face will be.  It's the place where every problem you've ever faced can be used to encourage others, showing them that God is in charge, that problems and trials are the very thing that draw us closer to Jesus - trials in our lives are the place we're no longer in charge but really fall deeply into faith in Christ.  It's the place where even those without family can do life in community, discovering in groups and classes who their family in the Lord is.  Those who know Jesus, do not have to do life alone - we are eternal family, we are The Church!

It was a beautiful weekend and I was thankful to be part of it!

Our Setlist:

The Lion and The Lamb
King of My Heart

Communion - Pastor Wendell lead us in preparing for Communion

Come To The Table
Christ is Enough

Message:  Is It Yours?  Yours, Mine, Ours - Lead Pastor Dr. Dave Vance

Exit song: Praise Goes On

Please join us next weekend as we enjoy part 2 of our Is It Yours? Series!  If you missed this week's service go to the link below to watch.

Have a blessed weekend!

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