Sunday, January 7, 2018

a Crossroads Christmas

It's so difficult to believe how many Christmases we've created at Crossroads!  This year was particularly meaningful.

Just the way the live actors combined with the amazing music and pre-shot video to tell the amazing story of God sending us His son, it felt like the story came alive in front of us.  We considered how a human mother was chosen by the God of the Universe to give life to His son.  A mother who herself had spent her life waiting for the Savior of which she'd been told.

During the process of preparing the services, through the discussions we had with Pastor Dave and Jocelyn's beautiful writing, I felt like I understood just a little bit more of how shocking that would have been to receive the angels' news.

The way the Lord chooses to use His children to be part of His story is always amazing!

Here are some pictures of the process to create Christmas at Crossroads.

We had a blast creating the services!  Here
Pastor Dave was doing a crazy commentary keeping us laughing!

We practiced like crazy

We made trees

Ernesto was so good!

Our beautiful dancer

These were some of the paper rocks we made!

I can't even guess how many hours Jackie Crawfis spent
building our set - such an amazing job!

We had an extraordinary string section!

Each song was carefully chosen to help tell the beautiful story!

Abi played the part of Mary beautifully!

Our 3 shepherds - Kevin, Hayden and Eric

 I love Monty's stand-up bass

Our amazing quartet!

Sherri Stewart played beautifully for us in the lobby!

Eric's beautiful video work added so much to the production.

It was an unbelievable privilege to help tell the story and to know that a few people came to know the Lord through our work!

Thank you all for attending, we pray it made your Christmas a little more special!

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