Monday, January 1, 2018

a marvelous Christmas

We have had a wonderful Christmas, family, church, gifts to share and eating - oh, so much eating!

Take a look!

Eric and Alyssa

An unbelievably beautiful impromptu picture at church of beautiful Trinity! 

Jocelyn, Jared and Trinity

I love my momma and sister Cristy!
Family gift frenzy

All of us at Crossroads together for the Christmas services, below as well - so special!

One of my favorite Christmas pictures~  Just love them more than I can say~

We tuck our family Christmas in between church responsibilities and it always seems to fit, just right!  

These pictures sum up what's most important to us, our own children Eric and Jocelyn are blessings we still can't believe the Lord chose to give to us.  And then you add beautiful Alyssa our daughter-in-law, the woman that the God of the Universe created just for our son - they compliment each other perfectly!

Next you consider Jared, the most unexpected blessing this year.  The story of his discovery of Jocelyn and the way he speaks of God's calling toward fostering and possibly adopting children - the very thing that caused him to begin the conversation with our daughter.   It cannot be dismissed as chance! We're excited about what the future holds for them.

So thankful also to the Lord to still have our mom's with us this year - enjoying good health and many great times this year with them!

Then the adoption of precious Trinity - our newest granddaughter...thankfulness to the Lord for her never ceases to end as we enjoy getting to know her more and more - falling madly in love with her as her adoption into our family became final in 2017.

And Oliver and Margot...they are continued blessings on blessings.  From the minute they enter a room, open their mouth reach out a hand to touch fall deeper and deeper in love with them too.  

As a new year begins I pledge to cherish each minute I get to have with each of our family, taking nothing for granted and praising Him!

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