Friday, January 13, 2017

For Our City

The series Pastor Dave begins this weekend is called For Our City.  I'm not sure there has been another series he's lead that he's been more passionate about.

He is not satisfied with success between the 4 walls of Crossroads, he intends to lead us into changing our entire community for Christ!  And the Crossroads leaders believe with all of our hearts 
that is what God is about to do!

Imagine our Mansfield, once made fun of as a place where no one would want to live, vibrant and full of hope!

I'm not referring to physical restoration, but a mighty, supernatural spiritual restoration!

This spiritual restoration can begin to happen as we offer physical help, as we love and give unselfishly, opening the door to share our faith.

We can no longer stay silent with our personal relationship with Jesus unknown to those around us! Our community must see by watching how we live, how unselfishly we serve, that this relationship with Christ is what's missing in their lives.   It's the very thing they long for, even though many don't realize this yet.

Now is the time to step up and reach out from our safe, beautiful church to become like we never have before, a community church as our title suggests.

It's time Crossroads - to live For Our City!

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