Friday, January 27, 2017

all about me

I love my journaling Bible.  I use it to take notes during the pastor's messages. And I love when I study at a later date and come back across my notes.

Today I was reading in Isaiah 6 and came across a note connected to vs. 6.   It says, it's not what goes in the mouth that's sin, it's what comes out.  And "All About Me" is the center point of every single sin we commit.

After reading this I sat for a moment and thought about my own sin and realized this is a completely true statement.

Out of our own selfishness comes lying, cheating, jealousy, unfaithfulness, laziness, acting as if our finances belong only to us instead of totally to the Lord, gluttony - I couldn't think of one single sin that happens that doesn't stem from the All About Me attitude.

Definitely got my attention to do a self-check, to remove the log from my own eye...

God's Word lays it out...we don't have to figure anything out on our own it's all right there - its just a matter of putting our own desires aside and following Him.

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