Monday, October 31, 2016

my day off

This day was all about family!  It's an honor to live within 20 minutes of all of my family except for my sister who is just an hour from Mansfield.

God is so generous to our family.

I had the privilege of starting my day by taking my mother-in-law whom I dearly love, to lunch and then grocery shopping.  We had a great time and I ended the shopping trip by printing off some amazing pictures I've been waiting to frame, mainly of the grandkids!

I then went home to cook dinner for my son's family and my hubby.  Following dinner we all ended up in the upstairs bedroom that's been converted into a toy room.  Here we played with Legos and danced to children's songs like "Old McDonald's Farm and Twinkle Little Star".  So fun!

I am SO thankful for this kind of simplicity.  Some may consider it trivial - I consider it life-giving.

And so as my day off comes to an end I'm filled with ribs, and 'guess why the chicken crossed the road' kids' jokes, the hum of the dishwasher and a reluctant glimpse at tomorrow's calendar still clinging to today's memories...

Thank you Lord for simple days and precious memories and being completely surrounded by family.

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