Sunday, November 6, 2016

weekend report

I knew this weekend was going to be special as the praise team gathered around two dad's from our praise & tech teams, laid hands on them and asked the Lord for protection and healing.  Both have kids facing pretty serious surgeries this week.  When the church supports one another and holds each other up in prayer - there is nothing more powerful!!

I was blown away yet again, as we baptized over 20 people this weekend!  The thing that makes this so amazing is, we had a huge outdoor baptism at the end of the summer - so it just confirms the life-change we have the honor of continuing to see the Lord doing at Crossroads!  It was also a huge testimony to the work that is being poured into our youth and pre-teens as they were being taught on the important of baptism.

I always find baptism very moving as people show outwardly what the Lord has done inside of them. But before the service began, a mom of one of the young ladies being baptized walked up to me and said - "Your daughter is baptizing my daughter!", yes, I immediately began to cry - but they were tears of worship, and thankfulness that I get to see my kids lives' mature in the Lord as they pour their life into others!  I have been thanking God for this mom's kind words to me all day!
My daughter baptizing Julia who excepted the Lord
on a mission trip last year!

Then we had the honor of hearing from one of the young men we support that serve fearlessly in a country were persecution is beginning to take place.  He thanked us for our support and for the wells we are providing funds to build and was so happy to worship with us this weekend.

Pastor Dave's continued teaching from Revelation in his 7 Church series was also very stirring as he reminded us that Jesus holds the key - that all we have to do is live faithfully where we are in order to be ready for what the Lord may ask us to do next.   Are we ready to walk through the next door that the Lord puts before us?

The worship was rich as we lifted our voices singing,
Every fear suddenly wiped away here in your presence
All of my gains now fade away
Every crown no longer on display, here in your presence
Heaven is trembling in awe of your wonders
The Kings and the Kingdoms are standing amazed...

Wonderful, Beautiful, Glorious - matchless in every way

 And in light of all the uncertainty in our country right now - the words were even more rich as the worship reminded me that all the kingdoms of this world will fall before our God.  Again I say, I have no idea how anyone outside a relationship with Christ lives without constant fear and worry!

Our setlist:
Announcements shot in front of one of the local churches to support the teaching of the 7 Churches

My Heart is Yours
Come Thou Fount
Down To The River To Pray
Here in Your Presence

Prayer for Global Lead pastor

Message: Pt. 7 - The Capable Church - Lead Pastor Dave Vance

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