Sunday, October 30, 2016

weekend report

I don't know when my heart has been more full than it was after being at Crossroads this weekend.

It was a weekend so full of promise and I was just so thankful for all the students in love with the Savior - willing to give up their weekend to totally run the church.  They were amazing in the parking lot, greeting everyone that attended, serving in the Coffee House, running all the technical areas of sound, lighting and video and leading us in worship.  Simply the perfect demonstration of health in the church.

Students serving in the Coffee House

More help in the Coffee House

Pastor Dave encouraging the students before the service

Our parking lot and front doors were well manned with students!

Greeters at the front doors

Greeters in the lobby to welcome everyone!

More student greeters!

Professionals in the parking lot

 Another precious moment in the service today was our Child dedication!  10 families committing to raise their children in a Godly home!  So important!!

Our Children being dedicated to the Lord - parents making the commitment to raise them in a Christian home!

One of my favorite moments of the weekend - our Senior Worship leader Dan, playing
for his precious granddaughter to sing Jesus Love Me!
Our Setlist:

9:00 a.m. service -

Jesus Loves Me

Child Dedication

Only Wanna Sing
The Stand
Great Are You Lord

And one of the other exciting elements this weekend was to finally get to hear the original song written by Austin Hart, the 'theme' song for their mission trip this past summer.  I kept hearing how much the students loved it and now I know why - it was beautiful!  It was called

First Loved Us

Bumper video

Message: 7 Churches; The Corpse Church

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