Wednesday, August 31, 2016

weekend report

This has been quite the week - daughter moving - babysitting grandkids, and I've never been more thankful for all the amazing opportunities I continue to have being close to our children and grandchildren!!!

But I must say, in the middle of personal crazy schedules, this past weekend was AMAZING!!

We heard one of the best messages on community that I remember ever hearing and our congregation stepped up!  And it's been interesting that in my reading this week I've come across several sections that talk about our design not to do life alone, it's amazing how God points out so many things to support what's been taught on the weekend!

And our worship was absolutely fantastic!   A lady came to me after one of the services in tears just talking about how much it meant to her - I'm so thankful for our teams!  She wanted to talk to Jocelyn, our leader this weekend.  Cool opportunities!

Here are some shots of the weekend.

Announcements:  Claire is our Communications Coordinator and
does a great job on the announcements.

Jocelyn sang Hands of God to beautifully support what Pastor Dave taught on community

Pastor Dave demonstrated what community was not -
not an inward focus on you.

Instead community is on outward surrounding of the people you
are in community with - surrounding you with protection and care!
Our Setlist:

Worship Intro Video

Open Up The Heavens
One Thing Remains

Message:  Hupostasis:  Community - Lead Pastor Dave Vance

Ending Special:  Hands Of God 

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