Saturday, August 27, 2016


This amazing, peaceful, beautiful Saturday is beginning nice and slow, and it's a day where I get to decide how I'm going to spend every single minute of it!  Thankful!

I get to begin by reading I John 1:1-4

In this passage it reminds us that this Savior we follow is not just a religion.  There were eyewitnesses that watched every bit of prophesy fulfilled. They were taught it, they got to witness Jesus raising people from the dead and healing people that had no hope of being healthy again, they watched in horror as their Savior, teacher and personal friend, was beaten and crucified, and most of all they got to see Him IN PERSON risen from the dead AND watched the ascension back to heaven.

God planned it this way.  Because we're just human people easily swayed, He knew it would just be another religion for people to consider unless He removed ALL DOUBT by having multiple eyewitnesses!  The Father let Jesus' followers spend time with him after the resurrection, to touch him and even let the doubters stick their finger through his pierced hands.  God could have resurrected his son and healed those scars, but he knew men would doubt unless they saw them for themselves!

In one of Beth Moore's books she talks about how "once they saw it for themselves, there was no holding them back - they had to share it with everyone they crossed paths with for the rest of their lives.  Even if it meant they would be persecuted or killed"

OH that I could be totally rocked by Him daily to the point that I can not stop talking about Him and the hope that's only found in Christ!

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