Monday, August 15, 2016

my day off

I LOVE the olympics, so on this day off I'm catching up on what I've missed the past few days.

As the news coverage picks and chooses from the vast amount of events what it will focus on, I notice something disturbing.

An agenda becomes clear as they choose to promote insignificant moments instead of athletic accomplishments, they're clearly moments that support their agenda to push us toward their view on controversial issues.

The funny thing is that no matter how hard they try the Lord puts in an amazing athlete whose trust is fully in Him to combat the agenda.  They speak of how they pray before each competition, they talk about how important their family is to them, and they give God all the glory for their accomplishment.

This forces the secular media to try again.

This should not be surprising.  We were created to believe in a higher power, to worship something and all this disobedience is nothing more than that struggle played out.

One of the stories in the bible where we see this is Noah's ark.   Can you imagine how ridiculous it seemed to everyone watching - Noah spending his life building this giant boat, and they had never seen rain?

And then at the appointed time, the door shut and the rain began that drowned everyone not inside.

And so it goes as it has all through history until the appointed time when the Lord says enough and His agenda becomes fully complete the world will search for something to satisfy themselves outside of trusting God.

The olympics has caused me to marvel at God's creation of these amazing, strong athletes while causing me to pray for those so desperate for the only thing that would truly bring satisfaction, a relationship with our Lord.

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